Thursday, 25 October 2012

Win8 laptopy tablety fun

I applaud Microsoft's attempt to bring their OS to a spectrum of devices, even though so far I have been using my Windows 8 machine just like a Windows 7 one with touch added. The is plenty of dynamic volatility in the Laptop/Ultrabook/Tablet/Etc market normally, enter a new OS that lures touch to all of them and we are in for some interesting times. It would be fun to see what kind of hardware Apple could create to run Win8 actually - but we will have to go with the regular crowd with one notable addition, Microsoft themselves.

Launch time is a scant day away now and articles like the Field Guide to Windows 8 Hardware showcase the exciting times as far as choice and potential innovation go with the new OS, touch and technical possibilities. I am hoping that some vendors can rise, deliver truly inspirational computing to us all.

I am keen to see the Microsoft Surface first up, even though the pro version is still 'coming soon' - I really should wait for it as it runs the full Windows8 version and carries the i5 chip as well. I think it is a good play for Microsoft to enter with hardware, to show off a product that energises interest and can inspire their partners to invest in hardware, even if it isnt traditional desktop computers.

[Micosoft Surface hardware via C-NET]

I like this Movement ad, even though it isnt about the experience but about a magnetic hinge :-)

Anyhow, here are some of the images from the C-NET article that shows the breadth of Win8 Touch hardware we might want to explore - cool times. (Sony's 20" tablet - I like it)

[Various Windows 8 hardware form factors via C-NET]