Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Star Wars Snowflakes

Instead of more traditional cards to go with the little family gift-giving coming up later today, I crafted up some paper Star Wars Snowflakes! The designs are straight from Anthony Herrera Designs where you can get these three and a host more. I encourage people to inject a touch of personal crafting and a dash of Star Wars into their holiday season...

Monday, 16 December 2013

Roldan and Maystrenko Concept Art

I do love it when a tweet comes through from the ConceptArtWorld guys as there is so much spectacular talent out there. Both Roldan and Maystrenko show they have skill with the tools but also highly creative minds that bring new ideas and great details to the concepts. These artists arent related in any particular way, but I have had tabs with their work open in my browser for a while - so it is time to share their work. Check their sites for more wonders, but for a teaser - meet Juan Pablo Roldan (ConceptArtWorld link) and Konstantin Maystrenko (ConceptArtWorld link):

Juan Pablo Roldan

Konstantin Maystrenko

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Diary2014 Cover

Susie has created over the last few years a custom diary for the parents in Armidale featuring pics of their kids and grandkids and various bits of wildlife. I have been whipping up the covers and this weekend I decided to go for a cartoony version of their two little dogs - I present Teddy and Archie:

This was all done in Photoshop directly on the MS Surface Pro 2. I had a few crashes actually, so I am not sure if there are some drivers I need to play with or some other conflict. Once I had the legacy Wacom drivers in there things worked pretty well, though there were a few times where even this speedy little machine had to play catchup. I also need to take a moment at some point to tidy up the cursor registration at the edges of the screen which I was hoping would be all fixed in V2 of the groovy tabletPC.

Archie was very tricky because he is so black and in photos kinda looks like he does int eh sketch here - a black blob with shiny eyes and nose. Archie has his nice layered golden fur and they will be instantly recognisable for the oldies which is fun.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Digital Stylus powered tablets

We got delivery of our first 'laptop lab' designed more for stylus work than our usual grunty workstation laptops. The gorgeous Wacom Cintiq Companion machines will be the front lines in studio teaching where the larger screen and adaptable footprint should make quite an impression in the graphical and design classes. This first set of 26 machines will see action in the coming session and will hopefully encourage some groovy digital concept and presentation work.

Those larger Cintiq's are something of an experiment, they are probably an artists dream, but they arent small. So it is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that I am seeing more of around the place here in Built Environment and UNSW in general for that matter. Many of us have done the iPad thing, but eventually become frustrated. The iPad is a super piece of hardware, but it is hampered by IOS and all those apps and thus is a good device for consuming, for looking and browsing. But to do anything purposeful or productive is a harder ask and it doesnt have the Wacom digitiser and stylus. I am setting up a Surface Pro 2 right now and it already feels faster. I will get CS6 and Office2013 etc on there in a sec as well as some games to see how the hardware copes.

You can see the SP2 next to the Companion for comparison. It may still be chunky for a tablet, but it is a full laptop as well. I am more determined to see how things like OneNote fair this time around and to switch to this device for comixology reading for a bit. I intend to learn illustrator over the summer break, so why not use the Surface for that as well.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dominance War Wallpapers

I was thinking back on the oinkfrog 3D model from several years ago now and remembered that the Dominance War contest was on at the time. It looks like the competition has faded away (there are still many more linked to the relevant sites. Anyhow I still love the idea of all these talented artists coming together in a creative way. The attention to detail is quite special from a design and craft perspective in both 2D and 3D here.

By way of inspiration, here are a few of the wallpapers from DW V:

Friday, 6 December 2013

Architectural Coolularities

I have all these tabs open in my browser which have cool pieces of architecture that come through on my feeds or Twitter or whatever and they are still there because - well - if I just close them I will never find them again. Soooo I thought I could at least post a few here under the guise of tidying up - but really it is about showcasing some inspired design work that is making a positive effect on the built environment we inhabit.

Good sources for me are sites like Dezeen and Inhabitat but there are so so many.

Here are some links to projects featured in that splash of imagery:
UNStudio's Chinese Shopping Centre
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport terminal
BIG's Museum of the Human Body in Montpellier
Zaha Hadid's Heyder Aliyev Centre
MAP13 Vaulted Brick Pavilion
ITKE Pavilion

PLUS, Autodesk is looking at VDI solutions to bring Revit to all our devices (link)

Thursday, 5 December 2013


As we near the end of another year (whew the years are streaming by) it is the season for some very talented people to mashup songs, film, news, internet silliness etc into some very intricate pieces of video artistry. The examples here are inspirational in how they layer the various audio tracks and visuals to craft that seamless showcase:

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

COFA Annual 2013

While the COFA website is light-on for content on their big annual show so far, their revitalised campus makes for an impressive stage for all the student work to be displayed. I also didn't run across the digital or film works, if they were screening somewhere on the grounds I missed them - bummer. Anyhow the new gallery spaces and even the studios made for a pretty nifty suite of spaces to explore the various specialisations in art making from a huge set of graduating students.

The promo pic used for the COFA Annual by Kyle M Morgan is just one of a heap of their pieces and there were many other fun things showing a big range in ideas and approaches. I think my favourite set was the one in the middle below (oops didn't record the artist's name - Gah), anyhow they used a variety of different lollies like jaffas, marsh mallows, milk bottles, raspberry drops etc to create these quite amazing pieces that are wonderfully textural.

There were so many fascinating things I highly recommend people get down to COFA and take some time to explore all the fun before it is gone!

EDIT: COFA Annual 2013 site is now alive so you can check out the work.