Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Board Game Trailers - Why So So Rare

In a world where video is used to so successfully promote all manner of things to us ... why is it that board games suffer so badly in the trailer department. There are actually quite alot of video reviewers out there who take the time to show us games and gameplay and then give us their thoughts on board games of all types. Thanks to all of you and there are multiple YouTube channels for such things and the links on BGG are easy to find on each games page. Alas that is not the same thing as the makers of the games putting energy into the promotion of their wares.

The rise of Kickstarter has actually meant creators have had to formulate at least some semblance of a 'trailer' to put on their page and to be fair there are some publishers who at least dip their pinky toes into the board-game-trailer pond. Fantasy Flight Games are maybe the go-to folk as far as a major player goes.

Closer to home - I have a growing number of sketches for yet another game concept filling up my sketch book along with mechanics etc and I think it would be a fun exercise to complete the game and then to create the digital assets for a trailer that shows off the game before we get into gameplay tutorials etc. This should even sit very nicely in a grad project (looks away sheepishly then plays with the carpet with toe of shoe)

Anyhow, back to board-game-trailers - I think the environment is ripe for such things. Gamers are a little geeky and doubtless can be found on their computers and tablets alot. They hang out on gaming sites or might shop online for something. Even people who rarely if ever game may be taken in by a nice trailer - even a blatent advert may work. There were once ads for Trivial Pursuit, Atmosfear and co, but I will ignore those for kids games like Hungry Hungry Hippos or Jenga.

Since the landscape of board game trailers is a little thin, I thought I might just link in a few that set the (not very high or at least highly variable) benchmark for such things at the moment - maybe I can help lift the standard soon...


Hak said...

Fantasy Flight does a great job of marketing, leagues better than Wizards or Games' Workshop. They have a new TV-type box they use in hobby stores that plays these trailers, so they are a cool thing to see.

Oinkfrog said...

That is clever, I wondered if game shops could have a screen playing trailers, but thought that there wouldnt be enough good stuff to show. So it looks like FFG have taken the initiative.

Hak said...

Yeah, the FF game center is touch-enabled, so customers can choose games and watch the videos. The center is also updated over the internet, so it always has the latest stuff on it in every store. It is a really cool idea, and it is blowing the doors off of other company's marketing of games. Check out the video on it here: