Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Thousand Hands Inn

When looking at a concept to tie together a simple Role Playing campaign I created the Thousand Hands Inn. The idea was a campaign that could have a central place that short adventures could branch out from that would support longer and shorter trips as well as multiple GMs. The idea of the Inn was that it was something of a famous waypoint for travellers, stuck way out in the wilds on a crossroads surrounded by a very small settlement. The Inn itself is the expansion of a small fort which still forms a touch defence if needed. The fame comes from the hospitality and the bounties placed on evil doers which attracts heroes to the establishment. Here the party can form, get a bounty from the barkeep and set out to add another evil hand to the shelves and racks around the various bars. Yes, the owners continue the long tradition of the Inn handed down to them of displaying the severed hands of those who would do good folk harm. This is then a pretty direct approach to keeping the Inn and her tenants safe as well as sending a message that the Inn is protected. The heroes should fit into that environment pretty well and I think the Inn sounds interesting enough to flesh out with NPCs and rivals for the party. Larger events could centre around attacks on or betrayals of the Inn, even villainous forces that would see the Inn in their hands, even supply routes or staff intrigue could play a part.

I did wonder if it should be the Thousand Heads Inn at first, but decided that was a little more gruesome than the concept needed. I do change my mind on this though - both would be fun. On that note, here are some concept drawings from the sketchbook for the sign and some flavour dudes as well...

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