Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Amgen Bone Biology Site

I haven't posted about web design for a little while, so this is a good opportunity to cover the woes of the LMS and a stunning piece of web design for Amgen. With UNSW shifting the majority of its online course presence over to Moodle from Blackboard over the next year or so we have been looking closely at the features and interface 'quirks' for the new LMS (Learning Management System). One of the pieces of that puzzle we have been working on is how/whether we can bend Moodle to look and behave more like a website with more logical navigation and structure and a much better control over the interface and how the important pieces of courses are presented to students.

Anyhow, during this time I came across this simply gorgeous website from Amgen that provides information on Bone Biology:  We are not only treated to some cool CG eye candy of the interior of bones as the interface, but it also gives us the parallax scrolling and even focal distance shifts. Detailed info is then presented through video with more luscious imagery and high production value voice overs and editing. The entire site serves as a lovely example on how to present some detailed information in a highly approachable and engaging way on the web. We dont have interaction with discussion forums and blogs etc, but the principles here show that good design should be critical in the creation of an LMS platform and it implementation.

Technically the wizardry is done with Flash, though I assume HTML5 could do much of what we see. I am not sure who the creative team was who put this together, but doubtless it was a team with various specialists.

Here are a few screenshots of the site, which don't do it justice btw.

[Amgen Bone Biology site]

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