Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brett Demonpuppy Sketches

From back in my comic collecting era one of the Wildstorm artists that delivered truly inspired work was Brett Booth aka Demonpuppy. Rather than my blog just having sketches and drawings from me - having some gorgeous work like this grace the virtual pages is a treat. Brett's lines are full of style and impart some real energy into the characters while keeping them refined and classy. His blog has plenty of work on display and makes for great reference material for how to make figures hold dynamic poses and show off their concepts

Check out some of the stunning covers for the New52 Teen Titans. I think I will let a few of his pieces speak for themselves, but everyone should check out his blog for more, really - these are just a taste of his work and it is great that he has these sketches up on his site for us to admire and learn from.

I really enjoy concept sketching and thinking through ideas for characters, places and creatures - but it would just be such a treat to be able to impart this much class into a piece. Beyond the concept stage, how nice would a board game with Brett Booth art be for example ... gazes into the air wistfully ... ok onto the art:

[Brett Booth Comic Sketches vis his Demonpuppy Blog]

Plus here are two of the covers from the DC site

[Brett Booth Teen Titans covers via the DC site]

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