Thursday, 7 February 2013

MakerBot Pocket-Tactics

3D printing continues to evolve and with the ability to fire one up at home with options like the MakerBot – board game creation has a greatly expanded capability to explore and playtest. I havent yet posted on the new game concept that is evolving in my head and through the pages of the sketchbook, but knowing that I could create some play pieces this way is very exciting.

Pocket-Tactics is a game that is crafted by the Ill Gotten Games guys to be downloaded and then printed out in 3D using a MakerBot! This concept combined with their move to Kickstarter has one game hitting an armada of modern gaming cool points.

The game uses a collection of midget tiles and miniatures which look at treat on the table if the pics are anything to go by. Check out these pics and the various sets on the Thingiverse site: 41740, 29385, 28641 and 45269.

[Pocket-Tactics imagery via the MakerBot pages]

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