Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New SimCity

One of the greatest computer games of all time is the beautiful sim-game-hybrid SimCity which has evolved over the years and we are about to get the new SimCity in early March. From a quick look at these videos and promo chatter there is alot to be excited about with this title.

We are setting up the BE computer labs for the coming session and one of the requests was for SimCity 4 to demonstrate in an approachable sim format a range of planning issues to first year students. So it will be interesting to see how that goes and whether the newer version has more to offer for coming sessions/years.

Interestingly, EA and GLASSLAB have also launched SimCityEDU which is specifically geared to utilising the game as a platform for teaching and exploring the challenges facing modern cities.While things are still in beta as we wait for the game's release, you can sign up at SimCityEDU.org or get onto the beta if you are in a hurry.

The new version looks beautiful, in the same way that Civ5's graphical upgrades add a whole lot of engagement, the same goes here. Having not played for a few versions, the new SimCity has little pedestrians, more variety in transport, planning is more logical and the variety of events and buildings is greater. Add the multiplayer and other modes like the crime fighting super heroes in the Limited Edition and there is so much to love about this non-combat top-shelf computer game (how rare is that).

Here are some of their promo images that show in detail the richness of the city landscape that unfolds under our Mayorship:

[SimCity preview images]


Before we leave this post, lets throw in a pic or two from the rather incredible Minecraft build of Kings Landing (not directly related at all, but still mighty impressive):

[Minecraft Build of Kings Landing via the IMGUR gallery]

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