Monday, 18 February 2013

Pencil and Ink - Capullo and Glapion

One of my favourite ways to spend time is with sketchbook and pencil/pen in hand. Inspiration in the form of Greg Capullo is hard to match, from his work with Image (esp Spawn) he seemed a natural artist to bring the New 52 Batman to life. Below are a few images from his DeviantArt Gallery that show off how he brought together bats, owls and insane villainy. I really need to try and inject some of the dynamics and engaging shapes he brings to each character, let alone the sheer complexity of each panel.

[Greg Capullo pencils via his Deviant Art Gallery]

Alas no video of Greg's pencils in action, but no less gorgeous is the work of his inker partner Jonathan Glapion. Jonathan's Deviant Art Gallery is just as wonderful to look through as is his blog. Below are a few of his images and then a vid showing him inking a stunning owl for us with traditional media.

[Jonathan Glapion ink images via his Deviant Art Gallery]

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