Sunday, 10 February 2013

Some Gamey Fun and Thinking

I have been really enjoying the board game resurgence, it may not be a global thing, but in my week it has a high profile and that makes for some great times with family and friends. I still enjoy a good computer game, that medium is very special and has lots of growth and excitement to come. Even computer gaming in the same room with friends still falls well short of the amount of payer interaction that board games deliver - so both have their place. I still hope to bring lots of digital creation to a board game project (more on this soon).

This week saw Small World hit the table again, great game as always. We tried our first game of Stone Age with the expansion and it was interesting having the trading and extra resources. With the arrival of our Warhammer 40K 6E rulebook we played a few test games as we explored the new rules and some of the interesting quirks they delivered. Beautiful book once again from Games Workshop - it inspired me to construct (customise) my Nobs, painboy, lootas and some extra burnas as well (lots of painting of the Orks to do). I like the way the GW games are more than just the game, the hobby aspects are very strong (if expensive) and add a great deal as a creative input for a tabletop game. For Chinese New Year the extended family enjoyed playing Labyrinth which is a very simple game, but surprisingly brain twisting and fun for a casual game. I wonder if the Lord of the Rings Labyrinth would be fun using the Master variant?

Lastly watching the first part of Tabletop roleplaying in Dragon Age has me really hankering for some RPing one day.

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