Monday, 4 February 2013

Voile Noir

This short film brings along a nice blending of CG and live action shooting to deliver a single strong message. Voile Noir was created by ArtFX School students using primarily Maya with help from tools like V-Ray, Z-Brush, Photoshop, Mudbox, After Effects and Nuke. There is a great little 'Making of' video as well which shows the construction of several scenes and assets used to bring them to life.

[Voile Noir promo poster pic via cgranjon]

The final compositing and grading and look of the film are perhaps the finest qualities, though that work was done atop good bones with decent footage and some nice models and effects (fire, smoke etc). This is a pretty good student film as they kept is short while taking on a big topic and grand outlook. They used live action integration to handle the more complex characters and animation which also gave them practice with that compositing side. Plus they really finished it, it looks, sounds and feels complete which makes it a treat for all of us now.

3DWorld Mag has an interview with Michael Balthazarts, one of the co-creators. This is a good example of what should be achievable by students and I really need to get onto my project so I can show off the things I have learned through the MDM thus far - big projects are scary though...

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