Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lochs, Tartans and Fingal's Cave

While my energy going into the Loch Dreagan game has waned slightly, I do have an array of tabs open in my browser that are fascinating in terms of fleshing out the Scottish world that the game is set within.

First the scientifically fascinating and narrative inspiring little world of Fingal's Cave. Carved out of a little island in the Inner Hebrides off the Scottish coast we are treated to the hexagonal columns that give an other-worldly feel. It seems these are formed by cracks as the Basalt cools - remarkable.

[Fingal's Cave imagery]

Staying with scenery for a sec, I thought it would make sense to post a few inspirational images of Scottish Lochs, with the lush green grass, the rocky ruins, the fog and little townships. Very rich in terms of crafting the atmosphere for the game as the gameboard sets the initial tone of the world.

[Scottish Loch Scenic Photos]

Lastly by way of reference, you cant go past traditional Scottish dress and the mighty tartan (list of tartans) both of these will be critical in the smaller details of the game, particularly cards, counters and borders.

[Scottish dress and Tartan images]

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