Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Oooh New Games

I, not too long ago, added Ticket to Ride (Europe), the Stone Age Expansion and the Warhammer 40K 6E Rulebook to my collection of TableTop goodies. All of them have been fun and I look forward to more opportunities to have them hit the table and learn more about game mechanics at the same time. I was reading a post somewhere recently that was talking about the psychology of gaming and had an example that I really liked. What is the psychological difference in a 2 player game between a mechanic that allows you to take 2 turns in a row vs one that makes your opponent skip a turn (same result - different feel).

The new games that arrived today (Game Paradise sale is hard to resist) were Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG (Beginner Game) and the Bloodbowl Team Manager card game. Here is a quick pic of the goodness to be found within. Current plan for International TableTop Day is to play SW:EotE all day - can't wait. How many Fantasy Flight titles have I added to my collection lately - they really are a powerhouse these days.

I am keen to get back into tabletop RPGs, part of group story-telling and FF's new Star Wars setting is a great way to kick it off. When the full game is released (Q2 2013) that will be a real treat to take the basics into a full campaign with custom characters. I am looking forward to see how the advantage and threat dice mechanics all contribute to our tale. Should I invest in some Star Wars miniatures then - not sure yet - but they could be fun...

Before I finish this silly little post I thought I would throw in a set of trailers for the five computer games that I would love love love to have the time to dive into (maybe will make time):

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