Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Board Sketching and 3D Test

I have been looking in much more detail at the mechanics of the Loch Dreagan game over the last few days, exploring how the cards and hump pieces might interact in the virtual lake as the monsters strive for the affections of the Loch Maiden.

This compilation shows a handful of the sketches looking at how the elements might come together. While I still love the idea of a dedicated board, having the 'row of cards' has my attention at present. Much of the gameplay will come from placing your growing monster to grab resources in competition with the others.

At the same time I made a quick and simple model with my limited 3ds Max skills of a sample monster game piece. It is super fun to see a 3d printed version, even if it is a simple mock-up. I didnt use any support material or build one into the model, but the Replicator 2 made the head ok anyhow - luckily. The pieces are nice and tactile - though the tubes feel a little skinny - next version will be fatter.

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