Friday, 26 April 2013

Loch Dreagan Resources

One of the elements that I have been refining over the last day has been the various 'resources' that the male Loch Monsters will be struggling over as they compete for the affections of the Loch Maiden. The resources (at the moment 5) will be represented on the various locations by icons that will make it pretty easy for players to allocate their 'segments' to secure the ones they are striving for.

This lightning sketch photographed with the test 3D print and then colour swatches applied shows the kind of logic for the cards at present. Title, then number of segments needed for the base resources and what is recieved, in this case 2 segments gets you two FOOD. Then the bonus resources received by Monsters that control the area (have the most segments) - in this case a single TREAT.

After a game of 7 Wonders yesterday, perhaps a player will get extra points for various forms of 'set making' - have to refine that when I look in more detail at the 'desire' cards.


Over the ages, Loch Monsters have come up with all kinds of theories on how to win the heart of the fickle Loch Maiden. Your advice from Auldlair, the once grand but now old and blind grandfather of the Lochs, is to secure the following to cater to her whims and desires:

  • FOOD
    During this period of great growth for maiden and suiters alike, everyone is happier after a hearty feast, be it fish from the water or livestock from the shore.
    Tasty morsels like toadstools and eels eyes lighten the mood of many a maiden, but beware their fickle tastes.
    Great strength, bravery and skill in direct conflict with rivals or the Scots is revealed by your battle scars.
    Finding those hidden treasures that she might adorn herself with can make her feel extra special.
  • NEST
    She will have great plans for her future ans will be looking to create a great family home in mists.

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