Wednesday, 22 May 2013

CryEngine Fog Volumes over water

My current level for Loch Dreagan is using the 'ocean' to create the large body of water that is the loch. One thing I had been looking forward to adding was a fog/mist hanging just above the water. Alas the controls for the fog volume (either of them) just dont seem to be able to generate something that works over water. Things are under control as far as density, dimensions, falloffs etc until you try to put it above a lake or ocean - then strange artifacts are rendered. The fog looks as though it is under water, or glowing or only illuminating the shoreline or insanely dense etc etc. I just tried using a water area entity instead of the ocean and while the shaders interact slighty differently - the result is the same...

So this looks like a cool effect I am going to have to live without, at least I still have the global fog going which looks very nice.

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