Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dodge in Dungeon World

I had my first session of a Role Playing game in countless eons last night night and had a blast. We were playing Dungeon World and it was fascinating to play such a cooperative story-telling game system. Right from the get-go we were collaboratively crafting our world and characters. Our icy island slowly came into focus, dominated by the volcano and its fire-drakes, kept at bay by the guano that forms the primary industry  of the only settlement. Can our characters come together to save the town from the dangers of the island (earthquakes and magical fire) and the ruthless mining company and those under their thumb and influence. We are an interesting bunch, young snow-elf wizard, loner dryad ranger, musclebound human fighter, the enigmatic shapeshifting sea-gnome druid and Dodge.

My character is little Dodge, a 13 year old thief who grew up on the streets of Coal Haven. She 'acquired' one too many things and needed to run, stowing away on a ship. She is a bubbly person by nature, laughing away at almost anything. She is small but tough and has a natural dexterous flair matched by her fancy 'borrowed' clothes. She finds herself struggling on the streets of this mining town, linking up with some of the fascinating characters on the edge of this tough society under the thumb of the Mining Company.

Today a few sketches of little Dodge landed in the sketch book, maybe she doesnt look quite young enough, but she looks fun and her hair is cool. I also like the dagger balancing that came up in the drawings, looking forward to bring that habit to the next session.

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