Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dvein - wonderfully gloopy digital wizardry

Now that I am working with my 3D tools much more for the Loch Dreagan elements it is nice to see the incredible wizardry that people display with these very same tools that still feel rather clumsy in my hands. So lets take a look at some inspiration from Dvein - their project page has more, but I love these three!

[Magma pic via the project pages on the Dvein site]

The Vein / Magma
This short but breathtaking little vid shows off the talents of the Dvein studio with a range of digital tools, but 3ds Max is at the heart of things. There is a complex blend of live action shooting with digital elements that come together to make the music video. See their project page for more on Magma.

Eva - Film Main Titles
I love seeing this sort of complexity brought to life, a joy to watch and engaging right from the get-go. The opening titles for Eva are a lovely example of something simple, followed through with grace and dedication.

A quirky little piece for IdN that shows how cool blobby things can be, Morbidus.

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Anna said...

Thanks for the links and inspirational pieces! I love the Eva Vid! :)