Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Monster Modelling

I feel mighty rusty with my 3D modelling and did most of it in Maya for the MDM in any case - so I have been watching my Digital Tutors videos for 3ds Max (intro and character) and thought I really need to do much more than watch. So armed with some notes and the software I dove in to see how much of the knowledge had stuck. Here is a series of screenshots that show my progression from a humble cylinder through various stages of box modelling type creation of the basic monster form. Since the current plan is to stay with nice basic shapes for the primary board game playing pieces, I kept things simple. But I was looking ahead in terms of more detailed modelling to come for the animated or game engine versions and maybe signature 3D prints.
Lastly I took the base model into Mudbox and spent a few minutes throwing details on, just to see how that process works. It is pretty clear that Mudbox likes you to have a pretty decent base mesh to begin with, so I will need a 3ds Max version with enough polys to craft arms, fins, mouth etc before I bring it in. Despite that, it is interesting to see how quickly a much more detailed Loch Monster comes into being with Mudbox (even if he does look a little too dragon/dinosaurish).
This image in this set with the blue monster was a look at the previous build as I try to work on the evolving shape plus you can see some thinking for how to include 3D printing supports.


I have also been working more on the mechanics of the Loch Dreagan gameplay itself. It is a fascinating balance of tactics, luck, point accumulation and opponent blocking. I have quite alot of detail in the turns and game components, next step is to develop the first draft set and see if it all hangs together. Seeing the kickstarter for Roll For It, I can see how the common cards mechanic in my game can really work, esp combined with the private 'desires' as well.

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