Thursday, 2 May 2013


I will work out a way to post some more info on Loch Dreagan game mechanics soon, in the meantime lets take a look at two clever pieces that deal with paths through space and time.

First, Universal Everything (a creative UK studio) have crafted a stunning video using a motion-captured dancer to generate digital forms in 3D space that was then displayed in all its glory in the Hyundai Vision Hall. Using mocap data from dancers is something I am keen to explore at some point as it is a lovely intersection of real physical prowess and digital wizardry.

And secondly a cool piece of javascript that visualises various PathFinding algorithms for us. You can set the start and end points, create a set of walls and then choose/tweek the various algorthms to see how they work and the various speeds. PathFinding.js is by Xueqiao Xu and shows us how neatly these complex pieces of code can be presented for us.

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