Friday, 14 June 2013

Imagine Comiciness

For some reason the latest issue of ImagineFX (97) lay unopened on my desk for a few days, the folly of this was revealed in full when I opened it up to see Adi Granov's super X-Men art piece on the cover. With this being the 50th anniversary of the X-Men it was great to see Jean and Scott grace the cover with Adi's flair. I love his comicy realism, the result isn't over realistic or laboured and still imparts the line-art logic while looking oh so luscious.

[Adi Granov's cover art for ImagineFX 97]

Diving onto the disc we get a suite of screenshots (plus the video) of Adi crafting the piece and even the final PSD and brush assets etc. The vid, even without audio commentary, is gorgeous to watch as we see the process beginning to end with all the corrections and adjustments along the way. I like how he isn't afraid to grab a chunk of the image and reposition, scale or rotate it - he moved their heads a few times even. Seeing the rough outlines suddenly find tone in just a handful of brush strokes is lovely to watch. Here are a few of screengrabs from the video that hint at the full process.

[screengrabs from Adi Granov's video for the creation of the ImagineFX 97 cover]

ImagineFX Issue 97 lays out even more X-Goodness inside as well as a whole spread of pages devoted to the hero of the moment, Superman himself including Jim Lee's return in Superman Unchained.

[Superman Unchained cover by Jim Lee via the DC site]


The Cybil said...

Pretty! Do you know what application was used for the X-Men cover? The texture of the last frame almost looks like water colour :)

Oinkfrog said...

Hiya Cyb, all done in Photoshop though I can't remember which version he was on...