Thursday, 25 July 2013

VR AR and colouring in

The Virtual Reality (VR) of the Oculus Rift is stellar (first look yesterday) as are advances in surgery with VR (New 3D Surgeon Helmet Turns Complex Surgery Into Virtual Reality-Like Experience) but the idea of Augmented Reality (AR) is perhaps the real way forward as far as general takeup goes. With Jordi, Google Glass and a host of smartphone apps - the precursors are here.

I thought it was worth a quick post to show that the consumer-end is often driving advanced technologies forward. The ColAR APP is conceptually simple, print out one of a defined set of drawings, let the kids colour them in and then use the iPad app to bring those coloured versions to life in AR 3D. Such a clever idea to bring the digital and physical worlds a touch closer together...

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