Monday, 12 August 2013

Angelstorm Pencil Art

Hmmm, this post isnt so much about digital art as perhaps a post on this blog might intend to be. While the mighty Allan (Angelstorm) does bring a computer into things here and there he is essentially a master of the pencil. Some of these pieces are just so luscious, so detailed, so full of character that they warrant far more attention than any photo you may mistake them for - simply gorgeous in every way.
While I have been enjoying the digital creation with the Note 8 (and I should play more with the SurfacePro) - I am hoping to bring inspiration from the likes of Angelstorm-82's Gallery into the minutes I get with stylus in hand.
Check out this first image 'The Soulcatcher' which is simply stunning, how to get those light, dark wrinkles, hairs and more - zoinks (plus the WIP images to prove it is really pencils)

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