Thursday, 15 August 2013

Monster Pieces

When I last set about remaking the Monster model it was with a sturdy eye on being able to rig it for animation and use in things like CryEngine. So the geometry was neater and the flow of the shape was working for the more snake-like feel. So I took that 3ds Max model and cut it up a little to create the pieces needed for a new 3D print test.

What I discovered was that my perception of the monster on-screen was quite different to the reality of the physical object. It was very skinny indeed and didn't balance on its own and all up had a less than pleasing aesthetic - not as cute as I was wanting.

Here you can see how the newer Makerware software now creates a neater 'raft' and a nice hex pattern for the infill. You can also see some of the filament feed inconsistency that I am hoping is better now that I have tightened the feed head screw etc etc. The single manual support for the monster's chin is still just a quickly added and poly-edited cylinder in Max.

A quick application of the push modifier and hey-presto a cuter and chubbier monster. After another round of cutting, a single smooth and then printing things were better. Alas still not the awesome stylised monster geometry I was after though. The humps in the print look like semi-circles and lacked a more interesting feel (very deceptive).

One more round of stretching and base expanding and minor tweaks and things were close, but still not quite there.

Ok, exaggerating things further still and while it looks quite dramatic onscreen, the Replicator 2 print is looking really good at 30mm high for the head. I may still do a little more to the hump and the head will feel different when all the Mudbox detail is applied - but I think things are back on track. (Still intrigues me how the screen isnt quite conveying the 3D form as well as I thought it would for me - is it my brain??)

I do like that I am using the 3D printer to actually iterate a design here, it isnt just a final printout device but actually a 'rapid prototyping' machine which is very cool. I am learning about the look and proportions, the feel, the size and critically the balance.

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