Monday, 19 August 2013

Peripheral Gadgetry

With Kickstarter doing a great job of bringing groovy technologies to life I thought I might mention a few pieces of cool tech that has piqued interest for me or those around me.

Oculus Rift

With just the developer available the experience is already stunning. If we do get the higher res version along with all the other tweaks soon then we will be looking at a full realised VR solution. With such good early support from things like Unity it will be exciting to develop for the headset. RiftEnabled is showing just how many games are bringing out support and which features they make use of.

Virtuix Omni

Armed with the Rift and a MS Kinect you can add the Omni and really get VR motion going. This wonderfully low-tech version uses a clever solution to make a relatively portable and robust solution for us to get on and locomote through virtual worlds.

Leap Motion

Peripherals for our computing devices are going through an explosion of choice at the moment. Once we began to use screens with our fingers, use the Wii-mote and have our body as input with the Kinect we just keep wanting more. So the Leap Motion brings some of these ideas to our laptops and PCs through a nice small device that we can gesture away in mid air to control things.

Thalmic Labs MYO

Why stop there with input devices, the MYO reads the muscles in your arm as the controller.


I am still loving my Galaxy Note 8 for its portability and the stylus/pen input that means I am sketching more than ever now while still having a portable ebook and comic reader plus all the usual communication tools. The Surface Pro has the nice stylus that brings Photoshop and other desktop apps into the equation. Alternatives like the Sony Duo look very nice as well I have to say.
The Jot Touch brings a fair degree of this experience to the iPad in supported applications - lovely stuff.

Emotiv Epoc

Hearing of the cool research done with the EEG headset for such little outlay and portability is very exciting.


Let's finish up with a new Kickstarter for a mini and approachable 3D scanner!

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