Friday, 30 August 2013

Sheep Story Concepts

Alicia wrote the cutest little story for her English assignment that she is now storyboarding up to make into a little kids book as the next step. Her story is about Sheep 22 which is one of the sheep you count when trying to get to sleep. Sheep 22 however gets a little jealous of the lower numbers as they always get a turn before the kids fall asleep. So he jumps the queue and that causes confusion for the kids who then struggle to get to sleep even more. He comes to realise that he not only had a role he loved, but that being a higher number meant he had a greater responsibility to help the kids who were really really struggling to get to sleep. He was important to the people who mattered most.

She has asked if I could help illustrate this lovely little tale and here are some concept sketches for 22 straight from the GNote8 SBP app.

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