Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Counting Sheep

Alicia re-wrote her short story on the weekend to rhyme and thus take on a nice Seussian feel which matched the concept drawings perfectly as well. So I set about illustrating the full set of pages using the MS Surface Pro and Photoshop. The Surface tablet makes for a pretty nifty Cintiq-like experience in a fully functional mobile computer. I used it with the keyboard attached but laying down flat so I could use all the short-cut keys as well. The book took a few days to complete, starting with the inking which for me was a two step process where I refined the thickness and flow of all the lines. Then coming in and colouring up the panels which now sit inside the woolly frame which Alicia will cut out and glue up to form a nice childrens-shaped book.
Note that the story-boarding was also part of Alicia's assignment/project so I tried to match them pretty closely though the details evolved as they went along or for flow reasons a closeup might have found its way in there etc. Once I had the base template in place, Alicia learnt some photoshop, duplicating layers, creating all the text and folder structure etc.

So here is The Counting Sheep, written by Alicia Hannah and Illustrated by Oinkfrog (Graham Hannah)

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