Wednesday, 9 October 2013

3D Printing

The options around 3D printing just keep expanding as companies, kickstarters and researchers push the boundaries in terms of technology, process and affordability/approachability.

Here in UNSW BE we have a suite of different machines and by years end will have more. While we do have the larger more 'complete' machines, I am fascinated by the low-end models that are cheap enough for individuals to afford and are taking the notion of 3D printing to where regular 2D paper printing went all those years ago. I am keen to try the Makerbot Replicator 2X next, see how having the pair of nozels and some more filament options changes the 'possibility space' of these print_while_iterating_design machines.

On a different  note, I had to post briefly about the Digital Grotesque Grotto which is another project breaking 3D printing away from being a desktop affair. The Semi-Architectural size demo crafted from sand really illustrates how digital models can generate forms that then marry in with new construction processes to make a new style of place possible. Check out the Digital Grotesque site for some nice 'architect-speak', digital models, images and concept ideas.

[Image of the Digital Grotesque printed architecture demo via the official site]

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