Sunday, 27 October 2013

Creation Myth

Alicia has an assignment at school to create their own Creation Myth, and this is just so cool I had to post it up here for everyone to enjoy:

My myth

The Sun once lived tightly packed in an enormous hug with her hundreds of children that would soon form the planets. She gave warmth and love to every single child she had, but her children were ungrateful and felt smothered by their colossus mother. They were desperate to leave her tight grip and float about space with complete freedom. So they decided to take action.

The smartest of the planets named Neptune began spreading the word ever so secretly that they would all push as hard as they could away from the Sun and finally be free. The Sun saw Neptune talking to all of siblings but took no notice of it.

Mercury, the youngest of the planets rather enjoyed his mother’s warmth and refused to leave. While Uranus grinned with pleasure as he was the eldest and grew more and more tired of his mother’s grasp. Earth was the most irresponsible planet and could not keep a secret so Saturn, the most annoying and fidgety planet was sent to watch over Earth to make sure she didn't spill the secret and to keep Saturn from aggravating the rest of them.

It was almost time for Neptune to begin the countdown and all the planets prepared to push. While the Sun was completely oblivious to the situation and the events to come.

Neptune said with all of his voice "Push!", and in that moment every single one of the Suns treasured children pushed away with all of their strength except for Mercury who still wanted to stay. When the sun realized what they were doing she became hot and angry, and flames lashed out of her boiling surface.
Neptune knew if Mercury stayed he would get burnt to death, so he pulled him away from the fuming Sun.
All of the planets got away clean, but they had left their mother spitting fire and burning with rage and betrayal. A few of the planets saw how much she was hurting and for a minute stopped running and looked back with sorrow eyes filled with guilt, but the Sun was not in a forgiving mood and would not take any of the planets back into her loving arms instead she punished them.

While hundreds of the Sun's children got away she punished the remaining planets. She sent Neptune the furthest away from her so he would be cold and alone for his great betrayal, she cursed Uranus to be forever a gaseous ball and no longer solid, she bound Saturn in a ring of rocks unabling him to move and squirm that nearly tortured him to death. Mercury still loved his mother, so the Sun allowed him to be the closest to her but not ever in her loving arms. She gave a great burden to Earth who the child she thought trustworthy, Earth was given the responsibility of sustaining life on her surface, but to all of the planets the Sun forced them to be in an eternal orbit of her as a reminder of their betrayal. To this very day the Sun still spits fire and burns with anger.

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moses bullut said...

Lol... Heard it going differently in my head. :)