Monday, 14 October 2013

SW EotE Discovery

Well, I am not sure I am that much closer to firing up a campaign for the system (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) yet, but I am getting more enthusiastic. I just finished watching the Clone Wars Season 4 (Darth Maul is insane and alive no less). I am also enjoying reading the At War with the Empire Star Wars Omnibus comics.

Anyhow, I tried setting up a little scenario and using the pregen characters to see how they fared. It seems that big blasty weapons are very violent and standing out there and getting shot is very bad for your health. Pitting 2 PCs against each other in a dual is deadly. Anyhow, I found I had to look up alot of different things at each juncture, seeing what happens with various results or when characters want to do specific things. The GM screen is very handy in collecting together lots of the key tables and bits of info - plus it looks super.

One of the reasons for this post is to highlight 2 video series that are proving helpful as they play and discover the rules and the environment.

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