Wednesday, 27 November 2013

3D Scanning Printing and Such Things

Here at UNSW Built Environment we have been exploring 3D printing not only for final models of product or architectural designs but as a way to explore the design options and ideas during the creative process. The Industrial Design students use tools like this very naturally and their software caters to workflows that include scanning and printing in 3D. We have a 4th year Architecture group who have had dedicated access to a set of Replicator2s and a laser cutter amongst other things to explore complex forms this session (looking forward to posting their stuff soon). The benefits of these methods means we are expanding our current facilities to have a larger Experimental Fabrication Lab with more and more machines for students to explore.

Apart from that general hint of things to come, I just wanted to post up a few other pieces of the 3D scan and Print environment that are interesting:'

New Kinect

With the release of the new Microsoft Xbox One - we get a new Kinect as well. This promises nice HD resolution scanning and display as well as speed and improved tracking. This can only mean more applications and fun are coming our way - esp when it comes to scanning of things and spaces.

Handheld Scanner

I am not sure why there arent more of this sort of kit available, but 3DSystems now have the Sense a neat and simple hand-held 3D scanner. I am keen to get things like this to make 3D scanning something simple and a task that feels less like the sole domain of extra techy folk and something anyone can do. Whether this device can achieve that is yet to be seen, but it might be worth checking out...

More Tech

When I was at the Gartner Symposium, the Microsoft stand had several Up Plus 2s running continuously printing out busts of patrons. They were using the MS Kinect and Skanect (and Sketchfab).

Commodity 3D

Taking all this tech to the commercial storefront is already happening. Whether it is the Asda supermarket chain in the UK or the guys in Japan they are creating wonderful prints of people and in colour as well. I'll have to work out how to do this or what is required...
See cool DeZeen Article.

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