Thursday, 7 November 2013

Glasses, Goggles, Screens and Such

After yesterday's post looking at our new Media Wall I wanted to look briefly at a few other nice pieces of tech. While our 165" screen is cool, it is still a screen 'on a wall' rather than the screen being the wall which would be great to work with. Here are a few quick images from a Google search that show what might be fun to explore for both an educational and an exhibition contexts. The second image is from a very cool setup with the Civilization V game playing. We are still a fair way from huge screens being super simple and easily affordable, at least it is doable now. With 65" and 70" consumer screens now staring at me in the stores, we are getting close to being able to have huge screens everywhere

Whole we are talking big screens, the other trend is towards giving us our own private experience. THe Oculus Rift is still super exciting though we await the production model with bated breath. Here is a cool Iron Man simulation I am keen to try when I get the time:

Then there is the Sony HMZ-T3W (what kind of insane product name is that) that might be fun to try as well (Engadget's links one and two) even though it really has priced itself into oblivion. So lets leave off with another groovy kickstarter instead, the castAR that uses mini projectors to cast the 3D experience out into the world - "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi , you're my only hope"

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