Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thrail Mini

Our 13th Age RPGing is great fun and our Shadows of Fire Haven campaign has some very interesting characters and NPCs as well. Thrail is my tanky Tentacle Dwarf fighter and founder of the Red Cloak (sworn to protect their new home through conviction borne from their past hardships - symbolised by their red cloak they wear) I have posted up various sketches of Thrail and his single huge tentacle and with some green stuff and a wonderful miniature from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures this is what I have to represent him on the table:

I liked painting the fur and the red cloak the most, his armour and skin were tricky and finding a balance of clean and rough'n'tumble was hard. Ending up with a basalt hammer was nice and let me get another black element in there. The mini came with a cool base, but I wanted to keep him shorter and he covered up the nice base anyhow :-)

When we left Thrail last week he was in a dire position so I am hoping that the dice will be inspired by this new mini on the table and he can hold out until his friends arrive. I love our little party (lev2 in 13A) with Thrail, Sorra (old crotchety tentacle dwarf mage with a whole medusa thing going on), Jim (tale telling human bard from the moon where his people were kept as farm animals and he is having to learn about our world fast) and newly arrived Connor (if that is his name as this deadly half-elf ranger pulled out of the past cant remember anything).

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