Friday, 6 December 2013

Architectural Coolularities

I have all these tabs open in my browser which have cool pieces of architecture that come through on my feeds or Twitter or whatever and they are still there because - well - if I just close them I will never find them again. Soooo I thought I could at least post a few here under the guise of tidying up - but really it is about showcasing some inspired design work that is making a positive effect on the built environment we inhabit.

Good sources for me are sites like Dezeen and Inhabitat but there are so so many.

Here are some links to projects featured in that splash of imagery:
UNStudio's Chinese Shopping Centre
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport terminal
BIG's Museum of the Human Body in Montpellier
Zaha Hadid's Heyder Aliyev Centre
MAP13 Vaulted Brick Pavilion
ITKE Pavilion

PLUS, Autodesk is looking at VDI solutions to bring Revit to all our devices (link)

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