Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Monster 3D Mk3

Today I recreated a base poly monster in 3ds Max and then did the first import test to CryEngine.

I set out to do some more with the 3D model of the Loch Monster (or Loch Maiden) but found a suite of minor but frustrating errors had crept in due to my lack of care when creating it. So I dove in and created a mk3 version which had more sensible low-res geometry (mid seam and using symmetry modifier).

First a torus with sane settings for the proportions, sliced in half and copied a few times. Then some edits to stretch them up elegantly without using scale and thus distorting the cross sections. Simple enough to delete the unwanted faces for the head and tail and then cap the end to make extruding simple using the new end face. So adjusting the angle and scale when appropriate I just extruded my way up to craft the tail and head.
Then I made a version with a slightly expanded base to print before I thought it might be good to have the below-the-water part for the CryEngine scene. So lots of copying an mirroring later there was a loooong Loch Monster.

Then after a bit of looking up I exported the mesh over to CryEngine and brought it into the Loch level. It came in with some settings a little odd (rotation, scale and no texture as I hadnt handled these yet). So with a few simple changes in the editor and application of a built-in object texture and we can see a rudimentary Loch Monster (even a pink one)!

Next steps will be to add mesh detail to all the spots where extra verts will be needed by Mudbox and to get some cleaner UVs.

Monday, 17 June 2013

New Monster and a Mobile Sketching Experiment

Here is one of the more recent sketches of a Loch Maiden proudly sporting a huge stone necklace and a nicely uprooted tree. The pencil sketch was coloured in Photoshop over a treated screengrab from the CryEngine Loch level. I tried to get a little more maidenish, thus the title and the pink highlights just to keep reinforcing the idea that the central premise of the game is the struggle to win the heart of this fair monster. It might be subtle, but playing with various flesh textures and ways to blend the colour into the base was fun. It was interesting playing with the optical illusion created by shifting the monster up and down the screen over the loch background - the effect changed her size.

I have decided to do a little bit of experimenting in terms of how I generate graphics and arty pieces of various forms. I will continue to use my WACOM tablet with photoshop and mudbox connected to my workstation laptop as well as the other apps that arent penish like CryEngine etc. Then to this I will add full blown experiments with the stylus for the Win8 Microsoft Surface Pro which can run the Adobe suite, sketchbook pro and most anything else as well PLUS have a go at the more portable Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the s-pen and its app suite. I am keen to add things like ArtDock for the Surface - get it going as a tablet not a flat laptop.

Full review of operating in these various ways to come as soon as I have a few hours under the belt of each. Here are the pieces of the exploration as the moment:
HP Elitebook 8770W with Win7, WACOM tablet, Photoshop, Mudbox, Sketchbook Pro
Microsoft Surface Pro with Win8, WACOM integrated, Photoshop, Mudbox, Sketchbook Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 4.1.2, WACOM integrated, Sketchbook Pro and other s-pen apps