Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sketch and Gamey Reference Sites

Here is last nights Loch Maiden sketch (Sketchbook Pro on the Galaxy Note 8), I like his grittier feel.

Now, for reference purposes here are a set of websites that I have been using in exploring the creation of a board game which is far far more intricate and complex than one might think. I have a slowly growing library of games on the shelves at work and at home actually (my BGG collection) and also picked up the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire full game which I will have to try and work into a schedule for some RP fun. I had so much fun watching the SUSD videos because they were both funny as well as showing real analytical depth in the games they looked at and played, so that inspired this quick (better) list:

One of the helpful things about all these video review and play-through sites is that I can see mechanics and ideas for gameplay that are relevant to the design of the Loch Maiden game without buying them all and funding time to play them. There are so many intricate ways to link gameplay mechanics and theming and getting inspiration from the vast array of games out there is a powerful tool.

On a slightly different note, if only this Game Theory course was coming up on Coursera then I could get a refresher on the theory side and check out Coursera and a MOOC at the same time. Maybe there is another relevant course...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Everquest Next

While I have been enjoying Guild Wars 2 a great deal as it works just so well for a casual player like myself with the dynamic events and fluid narrative exploration leveling. Ever since those first moments in Everquest all those years ago when a whole new world of gaming was revealed and the true MMO was born I have been wondering where this would all lead. So SOE have revealed a whole heap in their August 2nd event on Everquest Next.

I love the artistic styling they have gone for in the game, though to be honest the gaming world has covered this style pretty well. The emotion that is coming through on those characters is on another level though and hopefully will inject a better sense of roleplaying back into these games - super stuff. The player created content is an idea that hasn't really taken off for other games, but is still worth trying and perhaps with a more ongoing changeable world this might work out.

[Everquest Next Imager via the official site]

So SOE are definitely trying some new things, but this still feels evolutionary rather than revolutionary to me. While I might expect to be impressed or see the refinement in what they create - I cant see that it will really be something new. I like the idea of a generative rule-driven world that could create new challenges, adapt to players, behave intelligently, feel like a living place populated with stories that unfold dynamically. Could this be done, could a world be made that can still be massively multiplayer but can evolve and grow from the details to the sweeping story arcs???