Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Thrail Deepstone

With our 13th Age campaign kicking off very soon there has been lots of enthusiasm around the characters and some of the chaotic history that led to these races and their various plights. The dwarves of the sunken mountain having sustained themselves by eating the flesh of a vast aberration have become tainted and bear tentacles and other afflictions now. This has divided their people, some basically gave up hope, others seek a cure to their malady while others still wear their tentacles with pride, as a mark of their struggle against the Shadow much like battle scars.

Thrail Deepstone believes that his people's endurance through those long dark times should be celebrated, that his people should strike out with renewed fervor to take on the battle against the vile and unjust. Founding the Red Cloak as the mark of this new way forward, now surrounded by allies and hardened by long suffering, the tentacle dwarves stand ready to forge a new world that the young ones can grow into with hope and liberty. He wears the red cloak as a symbol of the life-through-flesh aberration they ate to survive, some followers of these ideals also don red as cloak, scarf, headband and tentacle bands.

Here is a SketchbookPro concept sketch of Thrail wielding his tentacle warhammer, mountain shield and his signature red cloak. below that the initial sketch before doing all the layer work and shading.