Friday, 3 January 2014

Mr Charest Art

I have fond memories of the heights of comicdom as Wildstorm and TopCow etc came into being and I was continually blown away with how rapidly the art quality in comics improved. Looking back to before those times comics feel innocent and childlike then in a rush they grew up in terms of being a graphical medium. We were gifted with the works of many wonderful artists across all the publishers and one such fellow was Travis Charest.

I recall having panels from his comics up in frames, they were that good. WildCATS X-Men being my favourite but there were many. Alas these comics are bagged away in boxes these days and so I thought I might just do a little shout-out to Mr Charest and throw a few images from his site up for people to drool over (love the Star Wars bits as well)...


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Arty Welcome Post to 2014

I was browsing around the LaughingSquid site after following a tweet at some point and really liked these posts that show how four artists using a range of materials in clever ways. First we have Seung Mo Park and his Wire Sculptures that kicks things off. I love how they (like the others) take a simple material and a technique we can sort of understand but then blow us away with a result that hurts our minds with what can be done. I do like papercraft, so lets let Vincent Tomczyk show us how it is done with his super realistic worn everyday objects. Tom Eckert uses wood with some lovely carving and lacquer paintwork to create pieces that defy the material. Lets finish with something softer, Claire Moynihan embridery skills brought to bear on tiny insects are gorgeous.

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