Friday, 3 January 2014

Mr Charest Art

I have fond memories of the heights of comicdom as Wildstorm and TopCow etc came into being and I was continually blown away with how rapidly the art quality in comics improved. Looking back to before those times comics feel innocent and childlike then in a rush they grew up in terms of being a graphical medium. We were gifted with the works of many wonderful artists across all the publishers and one such fellow was Travis Charest.

I recall having panels from his comics up in frames, they were that good. WildCATS X-Men being my favourite but there were many. Alas these comics are bagged away in boxes these days and so I thought I might just do a little shout-out to Mr Charest and throw a few images from his site up for people to drool over (love the Star Wars bits as well)...


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