Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blight-Thorn Campaign

In the leadup to playing my first game of D&D 4E I thought I may need to prep a starting point for a campaign if we are feeling up to fleshing out our own world. I do have Keep on the Shadowfell and other players/GMs other intro adventures. My idea was to fashion a simple world that would inspire a series of adventures to come. So I have a set of emotive text and then some Out of Character notes as well...


This entire region was once completely covered in a dense forest known simply as the Stone Woods which featured areas dominated by various species of trees, plants and wildlife of every kind. When the old kingdom of Theria was at its height large areas of the forest were cleared, but these patches were hard to maintain and remained constrained to those areas that could be tamed. To watch over the land - a series of huge towers was built to look out over the forest and quickly get word of threats to the main seat of power - the port city of Flagsmarch.
Many of the towers are now ruins or infested with unpleasant forces, yet some stand tall above the canopy still, such as the Tearhold Tower at the Western edge of the Tower Stands.

Tearhold is relatively self-contained and built to protect the residents in dark times. While it can wall up the lower ramps and shift all operations inside, there is a sprawling enterprise of farming, milling, composting and training around the base of the tower. Some people live around the tower, even though they appreciate the protection it offers, they don’t always like the rules that it brings. The main authority in the tower is the Tearhold Warden who appoints and delegates people and groups to various responsibilities.

The party has growing renown and their skills for patrolling and protecting will surely be tested in times to come. Reports have been coming in over the last few months of changes in the forest, creatures fleeing in terror from safe areas. Corruption of the trees themselves is rumoured along with a disease of thorns called BlightThorn by the town crier.

A vast plume of black smoke has been rising from the forest north of Three Pond Grove - a day from the tower by the tracks. The party volunteered to investigate and bring back any useful supplies as usual having not taken this track for several months now.



The BlightThorn disease is rising up from deep in the earth, through the caverns and root systems below. When the corruption takes hold it manifests as dark veins with spiny thorns piercing the bark, scales, hide and flesh.
The Tower has a sealed off dungeon section.
There is a vast network of caves beneath the forest
The city of Flagsmarch is … lost (fallen into the sea), consumed, walled up??
There are many other towers that could hold allies against the threats
The other civilised inhabitants of the forest could run or be wary of contact
Some areas of the Woods are lost to the Blight already
Source isnt known
Cure isnt known.
Infection causes evil tendencies in the being
Transmition is not automatic.
How - flowering stage?, spores, cut by thorns, thorn embed

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