Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Denis Medri and Star Wars High School

I am not sure why I hadnt come across the magical drawings of one Denis Medri before, but his Behance and DeviantArt pages are chock full of incredible illustrations, cartoons, drawings and so forth. He has a wonderful way of capturing the qualities of characters and clearly a very imaginative way of reinventing existing canon.

Star Wars 80's High School Re-Design
These are but a handful of the wonderful re-imagining of the iconic Star Wars characters into an 80's high school tv show. We not only get some wonderful character concepts here but also some iconic moments in the new high school theme (I love Boba locking Han in the vending machine).
Check his sites for more of the images, but here are a few of my favourites:

Lets not stop there as we take a peek at his work, the style of which I just adore. I am feeling inspired to try and get some of the character joy he brings into some of my sketches Here are a few more groovy pieces from him esp the western and steampunk superheroes...

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