Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roleplaying on the Tabletop

I am lucky enough to have a good group of friends that meet regularly enough for some Tabletop Boardgamey goodness. I even was squeezing in some roleplaying with another group and having a blast. The idea of firing up some roleplaying with our boardgaming group has several of us quite excited, so the discussion turns to a choice of game/s to play when we have some people who have played and some are new to the idea.

Up until yesterday I was most keen to run the shiny new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game from Fantasy Flight. I already have pretty much everything and a heap of minis as well. The new ruleset looks slick and entertaining with some wonderful mechanics like the dicepool generating more story. The Star Wars universe has plenty of opportunity for exploring, particularly in its outer fringes where the source books concentrate. (plus Age of Rebellion is out!!)

While this would still be exciting, as a group we certainly have a slight leaning towards the fantasy genre and roleplaying games suit the world or Orc and Elf so incredibly well. Games like 13th Age and Dragon Age were discussed as options, but the heavyweights of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder were used as examples and reference.
I havent actually played D&D 4E myself, but in a fun conversation over lunch yesterday the fun of the 4E combat system was revealed to me. The idea of the roleplaying game switching modes to more of a tabletop boardgame once you roll for initiative felt odd before. Now it actually feels like a drawcard, if the combat experience is really that much fun, then great - let it be more boardgamey. Our group loves its boardgames so this feels like a truly natural fit.

So last night I dug out my old D&D 4E books and started reading the players handbook again. OK, I still dont know how combat works having not read up to there yet - but I am excited to learn. If I am to GM the number of ideas I have for encounters and stories that come naturally to my mind is much greater in the fantasy setting than even the vast galaxy from a long time ago can muster.

Here is a video set that nicely shows a combat sequence full of emotive roleplaying as well:

Oh and as far as I can see D&D Next feels far from ready for consumption esp. by less experienced players like us while it is in beta testing.

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Sami said...

I'll have to lend you 4e DMG2 and Rules Compendium to peruse through.
The Tomb of Blacktomb is something i watch a while ago - probably not your average description of how combat goes :)(ie Nicely scripted)