Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ryse and other CryEngine Projects

I have to admit I havent been playing with the engine lately and there is an update I havent even done anything with yet. That doesnt mean there arent more dedicated folk out there using the engine for wonderful things (be they work or pleasure).

Ryse: Son of Rome is an exclusive XboxOne title overflowing with visual appeal that shows off the might of the CryEngine and the talented artists. While there is alot to love about the current-gen engines, I still feel we will look back in 5 years and think these graphics are quaint. The animation and connectedness of everything have more rungs to climb and just the actual complexity of the world will continue to grow. That said, have a look at what can be done today by the Crytek gang with their own engine here. I love how they are using the tech from cinema like complex mocap to heighten the emotional impact of the game - to leverage the power of the modern hardware to that end.

Cradle is a new kickstarter open-world fantasy adventure game powered by CryEngine. I dont know if they will get their money or if the 'game' will work - but the sample environments are superb.

Here are some more pieces of cool crafted with the CryEngine that are more than worth a quick look - inspiration all around! Check CryDev for more, more I tell you, so much mooore!

Late 18th-19th century British warship. Environment Artist Max Mead - Final fly through of his final major project from his Game Art Design course at De Montfort University.

Scottish Landscape Scene by Martin Teichmann

Richard Piper walking us through details of his abandoned cinema project

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