Friday, 7 February 2014


One of the great celebrities of gaming culture is Mike Krahulik (maybe better known by his cartoony alter-ego CW Gabriel) from Penny Arcade fame. He brings his cartoon style to many projects and one I have been interested in is his deck-centric tabletop roleplaying game, Thornwatch. When I first saw it I was fascinated by the idea and had read Lookouts issue 1 without even realising it was a Penny Arcade thing and it all related together - chuckle!

Anyhow, I am not sure if there is a secret stash that reveals far more of the Thornwatch details but the blog posts are really interesting (even if the white text on blue is making my eyes look all big and cartoony).

Posts of note:
Thornwatch, Part One
Thornwatch Update

There is lots to like here, bringing together boardgame/cardgame mechanics with more story-driven play. It was here that I noticed the use of card protectors for playtesting games with cards. This seems like it should have been obvious, but simple printing can be put into the little sleeves and hey presto you have cards (I will be getting some for Loch Maiden testing for sure!)

Here are a couple more pics showing how nicely Thornwatch is bringing the theme and some interesting mechanics together and I am sure this game will get plenty of love when it becomes gettable. I love how humble Gabe is through this process and it is nice to see his thoughts on the games design and evolution.

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