Monday, 24 March 2014


With both Supanova and PAX.Aus on it seems I should finally get my act together and have something cool to wear. I always feel guilty that I havent put the effort into having a costume of some sort. I am tripping myself up with the idea that I would like something that didnt feel like it came out of a showbag. Something that felt like it was real 'clothing' to an extent rather than a flimsy pretend version. A fantasy costume would be pretty cool, drawing from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and such - being able to stride out with in Faramir's lighter gear, or Eomer's Horselord armour would be fantastic. Star Wars is perhaps the other area that could work for me, lots of options there.

I seriously doubt my capability to pull off something at the moment, but I do love seeing the success that some people bring to this craft/hobby. Check out Lightning Cosplay (Laura Jansen) as she creates some pretty nice armour pieces using Worbla (thermoplastic). Below are a few pics from her DeviantArt Gallery that show off the kind of quality that I would be proud to don.

I like the variations in armour in this shot of Renly, we see this in the designs throughout GoT, generally light armour with a few pieces of plate over the top - very cool.

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