Saturday, 15 March 2014


It is entirely possible that the guys who will be playing the 13th Age campaign with me will see this, but I was so happy with the design of the fanglings that I wanted to post the pic.

I had a silly long list of creature concepts for an encounter for the party as they venture out beyond Tearhold Tower. The fanglings are small humanoids with a mouth fill of rows and rows of jagged teeth. They have some simple tribal tech, but they really enjoy tearing things to pieces with their teeth. They have doglike pets as well that (if it seems possible) have even more teeth.

Diving into photoshop I used the pencil tool and my SurfacePro2 to sketch if the basics before a refinement sketch layer that was still really pencil. Using a soft round brush and black or white i painted away beneath the multiply sketch layer to get all the tone and shading in. A quick background splash and some fun text and things were looking good. A few more additions and adjustments later and it was time for a colour layer at the top before it was complete. Here is the b/w version as well.

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