Monday, 10 March 2014

Special Dice

My Loch Maiden game has one special set of dice called the Mood dice which are rolled by a monster when trying to impress the maiden. There are four moods of different colours, so the normal caltrop style D4 seems like the obvious first choice. A little swarm of D$ dice with a point of each colour would actually look very cute on the table. The main concern is how hard these babies are to roll, ie very. I am thinking I will model up some variants and see if I can improve that experience, even if the result is less Platonic. Curving off the corners will hopefully give them a rounder feel and since it is colour we need to see the result will still be easy to see. (Next step to model some up in 3ds Max and print them out on the Replicator2 or even the Iris as a test.

Barrel Dice by Mindlessdrone link

There is an alternative dice type, the barrel dice which look very pretty and the 4 sided version is more like a shard or a splinter and having a handful of them could be quite fun to cascade onto the table. The colour will be the only face that presents 'upwards' and that is pretty nice. There may be more problems with the dice landing on each other with this method (test this perhaps). Maybe I should find the most 'thematic' choice between the two???


The other special dice on my mind at the moment is the 13th Age escalation die. This special die tracks combat rounds with things ramping up through the fight from 0 to 6. Perhaps a special 7 sides die would be perfect, but 7 sided dice are a strange beast (very odd shapes). I guess we can just use a big fancy D6 as most people do, though another alternative would be a big ol' D8 which has the 0 to 6 numbers and one spare face for something else like the 13th Age logo perhaps...

Photocube escalation die link

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