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Theria meets 13th Age

Here is a host of info for our game world as I look at a switch to 13th Age from D&D 4E to get a different mix of impromptu group storytelling and a lighter combat mechanic. I took ideas that have come up in discussions so far to detail up more of the world and a suite of Icons as well.

Principles of the world

  souls fade beyond most vision and gently waft away
  these soul rivers of souls (people and creatures) flow away to the east
  theories about where and to who/what
  magic can draw souls back along the river - cant wait too long
  Undead are linked to this flow
  This flow used to lead to another plane - where now?
  no contact with them at all
  demons etc that are here are trapped
  in some places there are wells full of demons and their spawn
  They and others are still trying to reopen links
  Once there were many Portals to other realms and many races came
  The islands were forged from the bog as huge catacombs were crafted
  Alignment with the stars meant the best places for land shifted over time
  Ages came and went
  The last age ended with the sealing of the world
  Cataclysmic battle took place deep beneath the earth
  To protect the world from the Hellplanes a ritual was cast
  The casters chose to separate this world from ALL the planes
  This all or nothing bid to save everything worked at great cost
  The battles were titanic, sealing the world from the gods was violent
  The world was safe, but civilisation splintered
  time passed
  Theria formed and built the Tower Stands
  The Therians fall - insanity?
  appears to be a finite resource
  flows through the world as well as being embedded in it
  Can have magical storms, droughts and currents.
  Magic items draw from the spirit flow - often animals
  There was a vast pantheon of Gods, but no contact since the sealing
  holy power still able to be siphoned - linked to arcane flows now
  Source is now relics and holy sites - still tuned to those gods
  Worship now much more aligned to the religions than the Gods
  These religions often cover a range of gods with common alignment
The Chain
  The habitable lands form a chain of landmasses rising out of the vast swamp
  The Tower Stands is a piece of one of the larger islands in the North
  The bog is treacherous but traversable using special ships
  There are still rumours and old tales of more islands far away
  The Chain is huge already and the islands can become isolated


01 G Sir Garren
  Commander of the Long Blade from Flagsmarch
  Head of the main protectorate in the Stone Woods, Rangers, Soldiers and Guards.
02 G Dromb Runefire
  Elderly Dwarf King in the mountains, guardian of the gate lore
  He has many dwarves, golems and constructs.
  New passion to build a vast engine to drill down to the World Core.
03 G Lady Cale
  Priestess of Seers Tower
  The tower is full of seers divining the future - well guarded
  She acts on the visions, dispatching or calling upon assistance
04 G High Councillor Tanis
  Elected leader of Flagsmarch, loves politics, order and civilisation
  Fears beasts and all threats to the city and the lands
  Personal private force called the Banner Watch
05 ? Jean-Tresor Endul
  Warden of the great Stardance Tower - largest population after Flagsmarch
  Rumours of Therian sanity issues
06 ? Thaelyn StarMyst Elf Princess
  Stunning HighElf who married the Drow Illusionist Thraex
  Reclaimed the Elven Spire and wants to reunite the Elves
07 ? The Cat
  Respected figure in the Underworld - many would follow them if called
  Burglar, bounty hunter, collector, thief - has a passion for artifacts
08 ? Qan
  Possible uniter of the Scattered - the many tribes, wildfolk and gypsies
  Leads through her magical tattoos that they all have
09 ? Libra the Merchant
  Powerful trader with a large network of legal and other commercial links
  Drug lord - controls the supply of Moon Weed
10 Drak'r Lord of Scales
  Destined leader of snakes, reptiles and dragons
11 E The Fallen
  Ancient Undead in the Swamp - hates the living
12 E Valandir Thornheart
  Wood Elf Druid who loved/loves The Princess - feels betrayed
  Turned to the power of Demons and Domics for revenge
13 E Khel the Organon
  Plague Mage experimenting with birthing all manner of new spells
  Created the 'deep rot' spell that is spreading and mutating

I had fun thinking up Icon ideas that would be interesting for us to link characters to as well as having various motivations that might take our world in unplanned directions.


I just found this set of Icons on the 13th Age SRD and they are full of hooks and intrigue as well.

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