Friday, 4 April 2014


As our band of heroes starts to take form for our 13th Age campaign in the Stonewood, there is now a junior ranger to keep them company. After the recent loss of the Veteran Ranger, the Warden of Tearhold has assigned little Lithia 'blinks' Elinduith to the party's care. She is a young elf who exhibits great skill wielding her grandmother's bow. She has grown skilled at finding herbs and the special toadstool spores she needs to keep herself alive. The spores now writhe within her, you can see them swirling around in her eyes which makes them sensitive to light and the irritation causes her to blink continuously which is where she got her nickname.

Using a few images including the beautiful render by 3DXcentric I made a quick vision of how the young elf looks...

Lithia 'blinks' Elinduith
Elven Junior Ranger
Skinny little Wood Elf

Her eyes are pools of swirling spores.
She doesn’t like the light and blinks all the time.
Junior Ranger who loves her bow.
The moment before an arrow flies you can see a stillness come over her eyes as well
She has deadly allergies kept at bay with ongoing treatments using toadstool spores.
OneUniqueThing: Living spore-symbiot to keep her lethal allergies at bay.

Growing up she was often sick and and her parents became specialists at concocting remedies from ingredients collected from all around Tearhold Tower. They tried moving elsewhere in the Stonewood, but that actually made things worse and Lithia was bedridden for weeks at a time. Returning to Tearhold they began to experiment with Toadstool spores and the improvement was remarkable. Lithia could be seen climbing the outside the tower piercing fruit far below with astonishing accuracy using her beloved grandmothers bow. The treatment's effects waned though and she was needing more and more infusions of stronger spores to keep her going and they were changing her.
Soon Lithia was still fit and agile, but her bones were weak, her eyes swam with spores making it hard to see and she would spend hours in the dark woods seeking out rare toadstools.
The Tearhold Warden could see a future Ranger in her, but needed to give her some guidance, a group of comrades who seemed just as misplaced as she. So he assigned her to the group recently under the wing of the Veteran Ranger Kaloras - lets see what they can make of her.

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