Wednesday, 23 April 2014

D8 Escalation Die

One of the groovy mechanics in the 13th Age tabletop RPG is the Escalation Die. The idea is simple enough, starting from the second round of combat we put the biggest D6 we can find on the table on '1'. Then with each passing round of combat we turn it til we eventually get to '6'. The PC's can add the current value of the Escalation Die to their attack rolls, this means waiting a few rounds with your big attacks means they are more likely to land and some classes have abilities specifically attuned to later rounds of combat indicated by the die.

This is all good, but it always tugged at my sensibilities that we couldnt put the Escalation Die on the table in the first round when we all 'roll for initiative' because the die really starts at '0'. So I thought a 7 sided die would be super, but in the interest of something a fraction simpler here is my 8-sided version.
I made the base model in 3ds Max, tesselating then smoothing to give each face a gentle concave effect just for interest. Then taking that into the Makerbot software and scaling so I would have a 3D print with each edge being about 4cm. After printing I touched up things with sandpaper and then used a permanent marker to add the numbers (0 to 6) which left one blank face. I will make a fancier 2nd version at some point with actual 3D numbers and detailing, maybe using Mudbox. Ooh unless I switch to a 7 sided something...

My plan is to try it out in our Stonewood campaign on Friday - cant wait.

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